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With fewer small service medical equipment providers in the healthcare market, patients were finding it increasingly difficult to purchase medical equipment locally. Larger providers were contractually obligated to restrict the supply of discounted durable medical equipment to patients. For these and a multitude of reasons, patients were finding it expensive and confusing to find and purchase the equipment they needed for physical therapy and home-safety. To fill this void in the market, Pandex decided to create a system to make it easier for patients and their caregivers to obtain the medical equipment they needed, when they needed it, and at the best possible price.

The Solution

Pandex partnered with PixelMEDIA who brought us on to develop a scalable, modern online store with advanced order distribution capabilities. By selecting a strong catalog of products recommended by health-care providers, and sourcing them directly from a network of large distributors across North America, Pandex was able to negotiate the best possible prices for their customers and include fast and free shipping for all orders.

  • Ability to order from a central catalog of products distributed by multiple manufacturers from a single web store
  • Seamless order flow integration with large distribution partners running older technology stacks
  • Easy end-user experience with a simple and clean interface
  • Simple, reliable transactions
  • Auto-scaling, durable infrastructure that adjusts to meet any level of demand.

Pandex serves as a bridge between healthcare providers and their patients by making it simple to find and order medical equipment that is delivered within 24 hours. Pandex is disrupting the healthcare market by providing affordable and timely access to recommended medical equipment directly to everyday consumers.

  • BigCommerce
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS API Gateway
  • AWS S3
  • EDI
Systems Integration


Systems Integration


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