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SunTouch, a Watts Water Technologies company, provides a wide range of electric floor heating and snow melting systems that are widely used in residential, commercial, and institutional projects to create comfortable, warm, safe, inviting spaces.


SunTouch needed a recommendation engine to quickly quote out the required parts list for a given home improvement project for two of its most popular products. When customers found heating solutions on their website, they needed to be able to view the options for installation and the different costs associated with each choice.

The Solution

We developed an advanced multivariate recommender system to assist website visitors in creating a parts list for installing WarmWire or TapeMat under-floor heating systems. The system takes into account the area of the floor to be heated, voltage available, type of subfloor, part count, total cost, and whether or not the customer is interested in a kit that includes all products needed to complete the project.

This product calculator was installed on the SunTouch website so all customers can easily see what is involved in this type of floor heating solution.

  • Product calculator for project parts
  • Quick access to a printable parts list
  • Guided recommendations on what product offering is the best fit for customers project
  • Ability to assess customized project needs

SunTouch provides a wide range of electric floor heating and snow melting systems. With more than 30 years of experience in electric radiant heating, SunTouch delivers quality products, simple-design services, and world-class support.

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