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Taconic Biosciences has been a leading provider of research models for over 60 years.


As part of Taconic's commitment to delivering quality Learning & Development programs to its employees, key stakeholders wanted to optimize the usability of their Learning Management System before launching Taconic Institute to the community.

The Solution

We assisted Taconic in achieving a successful go-live for their Data Management System by analyzing their existing setup and providing best-practice recommendations based on experience with similar user communities.

To achieve this, we conducted working sessions with power users and stakeholders to evaluate and optimize the current implementation of the system. After the evaluation, we recommended configuration changes to simplify options and improve the system’s usability for users that may not be comfortable with new technologies.

Working collaboratively with the project team helped to determine how best to address the training needs of each end-user community and promoted the development of printable / downloadable job aids that were tailored for each end user community.

  • Configuration changes that simplified options
  • Personalized roles
  • Comprehensive end user guide
  • Simplified end-user experience
  • Integrated tracking for E-Learning Content
  • Optimized system setup based on best practices

Taconic Biosciences is a global provider of genetically engineered rodent models and services. Founded in 1952, Taconic helps the biotechnology and pharmaceutical communities acquire, custom generate, breed, precondition, test, and distribute highly relevant research models worldwide.

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