Honestly, I really hate Sitecore. Over the last year and a half, I’ve jumped over hurdle after hurdle in order to create and update content, and don’t get me started on seeing the analytics in the backend. I’m just, over it. 

My therapist is tired of hearing me bitch about Sitecore, and told me to write out all of my feelings as a cathartic exercise. So, here goes nothin’.

1. I hate that I’ve lost touch with my developer friends 

Miro and I used to be close! I even had a little crush on him. I relied on needing his help to update the article and image content on our site. But now that we’ve moved to the Sitecore Component Library, I hardly ever have a reason to talk to him! I can update every image, piece of copy, CTA text, or URL link myself. Hopefully, I’ll have a reason to chat with Miro again soon.

2. I hate that I can’t blame typos on someone else 

Ok, I’m pretty bad at spelling. And I have a tendency to speed read so, now that I’m responsible for creating and publishing my own landing pages, articles and content blocks, I have no one else to share the blame. It used to be a big old game of “telephone” to pass along copy edits, so at least there was never a clear path to responsibility.

3. I hate that there’s no excuse for layout mistakes 

Speaking of mistakes; Now that my boss is hip to the magic of editing components in layout (it’s called Experience Editor), he knows exactly who to turn to when the body copy is showing up in the wrong place... It’s me, he turns to me. Experience Editor is essentially an editable layout version of your site that makes it super simple to ensure your content is displaying exactly as you want it to, before you publish it.

4. I hate that I have to explain component personalization at dinner parties

So, my mom doesn’t really get what I do for a living, and last week I made the mistake of telling her about all the cool personalization tools like rules based, and behavior based, and then persona groupings and orchestrated user journeys. As a result, my mom has now gotten rid of her smartphone (which ‘yours truly’ had to set up) and she’s back on burner phones that she buys at Rite Aid.

5. I hate that my boss has rejected my hilarious messaging

I thought it was funny! We launched a marketing campaign, and I had a pretty clever version of the copy that I wanted to bring to market. Thanks to the built-in A/B testing feature in Sitecore, It’s been confirmed that I am not witty. I’m still pretty bitter over it.

6. Moreover, I hate that I was wrong about the makeup of our user base 

I really thought a large percentage of our site visitors would fall into a particular persona but now that we can see how a visitor’s behavior, coupled with profiled content, sways them toward one persona over others, it’s become clear I was way off! At least now we can see a breakdown of how our visitors align to those personas.

7. I hate that I have no excuses for not knowing how to style something or where to find our latest branding assets.

You know how there’s some designer somewhere who has the latest version of your company’s stacked logo? Well, there’s this thing called the “Pattern Library” in Sitecore, which is essentially a living version of your brand standards; all your company’s web styling rules live in there. Anytime something doesn’t look quite right, I can copy and past the correct CSS class right from the examples in the pattern library. You can access it through a URL, so there’s no excuse not to have the latest version displaying on your site.

8. I hate that I’ve had to face my stage fright and present site traffic stats to my boss 

This is a big one. I’m a naturally anxious person, so standing up in front of the C-suite and showing them exactly where visitors are dropping off of our website, gives me stress induced insomnia. No one wants to be the bearer of bad news, but at least I can help put together a strategy to combat the drop offs, and Path Analyzer shows specific pages where visitors exit the site. 

9. I hate that we had to let our interns go 

Tanya was really sweet, and I was sad to see her go. Since we now use Sitecore to see an aggregated view of all our ad campaign traffic from other channels, we didn’t need to have someone monitor each individual media outlet. The data comes to us now.

10. I hate that I really don’t hate Sitecore at all

I used to or, at least, I thought that I did. But now that we’ve harnessed its power, we’ve become totally self-actualized! We now have oodles of data, specific to our site, that informs our marketing and business strategy. 


Wow, I think this is what you call the ‘breakthrough’ moment in therapy. I. love. Sitecore. It feels so strange to see those words written out, but it’s true! I’m so much more effective at my job now that we’re using SItecore to the max. This data is so useful, it makes me feel like we can read minds. Like, I know what the user wants before they do. 

I think I can stop paying for therapy!


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