To measure effectiveness of our web site and additional channels, we have to constantly analyze data insights. Apps that Sitecore offers us to do that are Experience Analytics and Path Analyzer. Experience Analytics provide tools like audience tracking, acquisition tracking, behavior tracking and conversions tracking. Path Analyzer helps us to identify paths that provide the most engagement, but on the other hand, paths that are not as effective and could benefit from further optimization.

There are some things to establish before you dive in in analyzing your data.

  • what are you measuring?
  • why is measured data important to you?
  • how will you use measured data?

When we know answers to those questions, let's take a tour and see what type of insights can we get from those tools.

Experience Analytics


First screen that we see when we open Experience analytics is main Dashboard. This dashboard give us quick overview including data like:

  • Online interactions
  • Online interactions by visits and value per visit
  • Channel groups by visits
  • Top campaigns by value
  • Top pattern matches by value per visit
  • Top goals by conversions


After that we have Audience tracking, which includes:

  • Overview
  • Devices
  • Languages
  • Locations tracking separate countries, regions and cities)
  • Pattern matches


Nex tab is Acquisition containing;

  • Overview
  • Channels (tracking both online and offline channels)
  • Campaigns (tracking campaign groups and facets)
  • Keywords (tracking organic branded and non branded keywords and paid keywords by channel)
  • Referring sites


Next we have Behavior tab, which includes:

  • Overview
  • Assets (tracks types of assets that we defined)
  • Internal search (if site has one)
  • Pages (entry and exit pages)
  • Page URL's (for both Entry and Exit pages)


Last tab is Conversions, and here we have:

  • Overview
  • Conversions
  • Goals (tracking also by specific goal facet)
  • Outcomes (which can also track separate groups of outcomes)

Path Analyzer

Main purpose of Path Analyzer is to show as how visitors interact with our site by enabling us to create a map that shows the sequential paths that contacts take as they navigate through your website. The Path Analyzer shows you which paths have the most traffic, which paths provide the highest engagement value, and which provide the highest engagement value per visit or efficiency.


Maps are grouped in three main categories:

  • Favorites
  • Default maps
  • Custom maps

Default maps are further organized in

  • Global maps
  • Site maps


In both groups we can use further categorization, by choosing to review maps by this subcategories:

  • Page maps
  • Goal maps
  • Assets maps
  • Campaign maps
  • Channel maps
  • Outcome maps