Make it easy for content authors to insert the right type of item anywhere in the Sitecore Content Tree in less than 30 seconds.


1. Navigate to the parent item for which you’d like to change the Insert Options 


2. Ctrl+F to find your way to the “Insert Options” section of the content pane.


3. Click the Edit link under the Insert Options field.
4. Remove the Common Folder item that is there by default


5. Under your Project folder, find the type(s) of item you’d like to add to the Insert Options and move them over to the Selected column via the arrow buttons.


6. Click OK and then Save your changes.


7. View your handiwork in action by right-clicking on the item you just modified.

Note: You can also create a special kind of folder that has these Insert Options by default so that this step is no longer required. These steps are best applied in scenarios where existing content items in the tree need to be adjusted on a case-by-case basis.