Sitecore is constantly collecting information as visitors browse your site. Every click they make is discretely tracked in some way. Whether they're following the digital goalsyou've laid out for them and boosting their engagement each visit or exploring new areas of your site, you can clearly view the data and begin tailoring content and future interactions based on every visitor's specific interests and needs.


Experience ProfileSitecore's Experience Profile is an application that lets you monitor and record customer behavior across your digital channels. Each contact card includes the device that the contact was using to access your site, website visits, and different social activity where they have interacted with your brand.

Let's a take a look at Sitecore's Experience Profile. This is where all of your contacts are located and where you can select individual contacts to get a more in-depth understanding of who they are and what they're looking for.

At the top of each contact card is a timeline, showing significant events for this contact. These events could be populated with goals they've triggered, campaignsthat brought them to the site, failure events they've encountered, etc. The timeline is able to slide back and forth, allowing you to see the full range of time they have been a site visitor.


The timeline also has two icons: a megaphone and a target. The megaphone icon represents a campaign or event that has been triggered. Clicking on this icon will open a detailed view providing a summary of info for the visit. The target icon represents a goal that has been triggered. Clicking the target icon will open up more details about the visit and conversion. The green bar that appears next to the target icon represents the engagement value accumulated during the visit. There are also yellow bars that appear on the timeline, which represent the duration of each visit.

XP Timeline

From within the Experience Profile Options of each event, you also have the option of setting your own custom image that will appear on the visitor's timeline when they trigger it.

Underneath the timeline there are five tabs, each providing different information. The Overview tab shows latest events, best pattern matches and recent campaigns triggered. The Activity tab shows visits, events, outcomes, campaigns, channels, goals, engagement plans and keywords. The Profiling tab displays the best pattern matches, the Details tab shows their contact info, and the Social tab displays a summary of the contact's social information.


The Experience Profile is a great tool to help you better monitor your customer's behavior. As you learn more about your visitors, you'll be able to improve your marketing strategy to help increase conversions.