You’ve probably heard by now that “personalization is changing marketing”. Personalization is integrating with almost everything we do online and has become an expectation from customers. 

Do you ever feel annoyed when you visit a website and can’t find what you’re looking for, or you have no interest in the content being presented to you? You’re not alone, in fact, almost 75% of customers become frustrated when website content is not personalized.


In an era where privacy and security are growing concerns, you have to be careful when it comes to personalization. You have to ask the question “How do you take advantage of someone’s habits, without making it seem like you’re spying on them?” With this, personalization can make or break your business. With new technology, personalization is becoming more and more common in our everyday lives. 

Companies like Netflix and Amazon are well-known for making personalization the center of their service, helping provide their customers with an excellent and enjoyable experience. Content personalization is a crucial tool to use in your marketing, from creating a great customer experience to driving better conversions. By constantly testing and revising your personalization efforts, you can continue to consistently improve your marketing strategy. 

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