It's that time of year where marketers are hyper focused on holiday conversions. We talk about how we can get that additional boost in sales. Personalization is a marketing tactic to do just that. By seeing what you can learn from a site visitor, you can bring forward the right content or the right product they are more likely to convert? How can we use the machine, big data, implicit, explicit, session, etc information to change the look of the site?

We obviously do this day in and day out, finding ways to increase leads and sales. However, the holidays are about so much more. It’s about family and friends. So, I ask all of you reading this to take what we learn in marketing and make the holidays more fulfilling.


You might ask how; it is quite simple. Personalize your holiday experience.


We all know a lot about our friends and relatives, what they do for work, what hobbies they are interested in, what school they went to, or what branch of the armed services they serviced in to help protect our country.  Take just one person and learn a little bit more about who they are. Find out something new about them. Engage them at a party, share with them what you have learned. Tell them why you looked into it.

I think you will find that by knowing a little more about another person will brighten the holidays and show how much you truly care.

With all the social tools available, you will find a treasure trove of information. Some examples I have found for my family are; setting a college track record, company involvement with the community, volunteering at the local animal shelter, and many more.

I hope that this will brighten your holiday, have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving.