Working remotely can provide a lot of benefits when done right. We’ve already covered the employer benefits of working remotely, so let's get into the employee benefits.

More comfortable atmosphere

You have the option to set up your home office any way you like it, and anywhere you’d like it. You can create your own space to help you be productive. You also don’t have to worry about the distraction of coworkers coming into your office and taking up work time. Check out our previous blog post on how to set up your home office.


You aren’t constricted to your “office” 

You don’t have to have a huge desk with ugly monitor in your living space. You can make the space yours and have it fit with your home and lifestyle. You also don’t have to even be constricted to your home. Working remotely gives you the benefit of working from anywhere so it is easy to travel and explore in off hours while being online and connected during the day. There are even coworking options that can give you the community office feeling with other people who work remotely. 


No more commuting 

You can save time in the morning and evening by eliminating the commute you would normally have to take to get to the office. This is especially beneficial to those who have a more difficult commute when affected by the weather.



You have flexibility of where you are but you also have flexibility of when. If you have an appointment during the day or something you have to run out for, you aren’t restricted to 9-5 office hours, you can start working earlier or even continue working late. As long as you are completing all the things you have to accomplish then you have a little extra room to figure out the most efficient times to get everything done.


Save Money 

The obvious cost of commuting is taken out of the equation and helps you save, but there are other things that contribute to the higher totals in your bank account. You no longer need a separate work and life wardrobe. Although there may be some meetings and things you need “work attire” for this is no longer an everyday standard. You can also potentially save a lot by making your own lunch and coffee in house. 


You can have more effective meetings 

With technologies it is very easy to stay connected with everyone you work with. With different things like slack, zoom and you can jump on a quick call or have daily/weekly/monthly meeting depending on what makes the most sense for you and your team.


More focused 

Although many people might think working from home provides more distractions, you actually have the power to get more work done. Since you can set your own schedule and know what you need to accomplish you are no longer distracted by coworkers just dropping in with a quick question and can focus in on what you need to do right away.


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