There are many benefits to working remotely that we have covered but we wanted to show you some of the work spaces our team at Coria have created. With complete control of over setup of your office space people can keep it simple or get creative with design.

Here are a few workspaces from our team:


Kira Jacobsen, Marketing Production Coordinator - New Hampshire, USA


I am very interested in interior design and decorating so creating a unique space that I enjoy working in is always a fun project for me. I am always finding new desk layouts and crafts to try on Pinterest so my ‘office’ space is constantly changing.”





Sara Prout, Media Production Specialist - New Hampshire, USA


“I love that I can work in the comfort of my own home. I listen to music throughout the work day so it’s nice to have my own space without the worry of bothering someone else. I also love that I don’t have to worry about driving after a storm in the winter and instead can work by the fire.”




Andrew Boisvert, Coria Operations - New Hampshire, USA


“I have been a remote worker for around 10 years. There are times I miss having an office to go to and see folks in person, but overall I wouldn’t have it any other way, and with our remote collaboration tools we all get to see one another frequently. I picked this corner of the house because of the view, natural sunlight, and the occasional train a few times a day.”




Jason Fogg, Media Production Engineer - Maine, USA


"Working with Coria from the convenience of my home office allows me the freedom to jump on projects immediately.  The benefit of real time communication with our production team online,  is inspiring and highly productive.  Coria provides a great work environment and atmosphere to be both creative and accommodating to my schedule."



Marko Mihin, Video Production Specialist - Zagreb, Croatia

Marko.png“Here at Coria I work a lot on video/audio editing and need quiet environment without any distractions, to focus on my work. By working from home, that's exactly what I have. I like working from home because that also gives me the opportunity to organize my time the way I like it, take a break when needed, but at the same time, I can easily get in touch with my colleagues by Slack or Zoom, so it doesn't affect team productivity at all.”


Anne Saulnier, Director of Project Management Office - Maine, USA

Anne.png  Anne1.png

“I work from a standing desk with a drafting chair from my home office when I’m not at our co-working space in Portland or on-site with a client. I am on video calls for most of the day, collaborating with team members from Croatia, the United States, and Canada, and I use a whiteboard wall that is behind my desk as a backdrop for brainstorming. Having the option to work from home gives me the ability to start my day early, and I really love the flexibility it provides.”


Dalibor Kovač, Software Engineer - Virovitica, Croatia

Dalibor.png  Dalibor2.png

“I have a rather small desk in my home office, but it’s enough to hold my laptop, an additional monitor, and a cup of coffee - that’s all I need. All the correspondence within Coria and with clients is in digital form, so there’s usually no need for papers laying around. I really like working from home because it gives me the flexibility to organize my time in a way that works best for me and my family. I especially like rainy mornings - because I don’t have to go out :-)”


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