With our team spread out all over the world the option to work remotely has really helped our business grow. Working remotely gives each person the freedom to create an innovative work space that is the most productive for them. At Coria, we have a list of things we like to keep consistent while also giving people the freedom to take these suggestions and make them their own.


5 Must Haves

The Right Space
When working remotely it is important to make sure your work space somewhere you can separate work and home. Choose a space that lets you “leave” work when you are finished for the day. Maintaining a good work life balance is essential for happy, productive employees.

Good Lighting
It’s great to have as much natural lighting as possible, but this isn’t always necessary or optimal. As long as you have enough warm lighting and try and avoid harsh whites and fluorescent bulbs you can still create a great natural feel.

Visible Logo
If you are meeting in your home office or using video calls to communicate with clients, a visible logo keeps your home office looking professional and will help keep your clients remembering your brand. This also helps unify your team so when people are joining conference calls separately everyone has the logo bringing them together.

Expression of Creativity
Make it your own space where you will enjoy spending time during work hours. Decorate and organize your space in any way that will help you be more productive.

Get yourself a good chair instead of using a kitchen chair or stool that you might already have. Keep your back happy and comfortable with an ergonomically correct chair.

3 Things to Avoid

Busy backgrounds
You don’t want to have a setup that has too much going on in the background. If you are on a call and people are too focused on what is going on behind you it will distract from the point of the call. If a busy background is unavoidable in your space you still have a few options. You can always use some sort of room divider to break up the space.

Easy Distractions
Having a busy background might distract others, but you want to make sure you are also able to focus throughout the day. It might be tempting to do non work activities while working from home but you want to keep breaks to a normal minimum and make sure you aren’t easily distracted by the things surrounding you.

Disorganized Atmosphere
You never want your work space to get too cluttered that your efficiency suffers as a result. You want to make sure you have plenty of storage so you can keep your working space organized in a way that makes sense for you

These are some things that have worked for us, but everyone is different! Not everything is set in stone but this is the foundation we like to build off of when setting up a home office. 

Keep an eye out for our next post in this series where we will go through some specific employee examples of office setup!