Sitecore's new experience platform is designed specifically with marketers in mind. This new platform is constantly tracking interactions users have with your site which can help you understand their actions so you can provide tailored content and discussions with them in the most effective way.

Sitecore does this by segmenting customers as the systems reads and analyzes the different actions they are performing. Which in turn can help you “accomplish” a couple different things.

  1. Provide relevant information based on their actions.
  2. Provide a personalized user experience for each visitor to your site.

It's hard as a marketer to know everything about a specific customer or prospect just by looking at their name but having background information of what the customer or prospect is really interested in or trying to accomplish, makes it much easier to help them find what they need. Understanding the customer's journey is important when you are trying to make it an enjoyable experience they will remember so they can connect and build a long lasting relationship with your brand.