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Uncover Visitor Insights

Uncover Visitor Insights

Discover New Markets

Discover New Markets

Take Action

Take Action

Paint a Complete Picture of Your Visitors

We augment your visitor data with a wealth of additional dimensions at the neighborhood level, such as:

  • Age Distribution
  • Ethnographic Makeup
  • Gender
  • Housing Details
  • Education Level
  • Income Distribution
  • Household Size
  • Family Makeup
  • Population Density
  • Languages
  • Occupations
  • Crime Rate

For B2B marketing, we add additional data points on the company: SIC Code, size and revenue, and company growth metrics. As soon as you activate the module, you’re going to start painting a much fuller picture of the people taking the time to learn about you.  

Paint a Complete Profile
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Discover Previously Invisible Segments

You can discover a ton of information about your visitors by looking for patterns in your data.  The problem has always been that it’s not practical to do this manually.  We take care of this for you.  

We delve deep into your data to discover previously invisible market segments.  You might have traffic from New York, Houston, and Seattle - but what if you knew that there was a high-performing segment defined by neighborhoods that have disproportionate numbers of people aged 30-34, a population bulge in 0-4, and are of predominantly Asian descent?  You didn’t know it, but you’ve actually captured a slice of one of the most coveted market segments. Better yet, now you’re in a place to craft a marketing message just for them.  

Take Action

Not only does the system automatically discover and flag interesting clusters of visitors, it also recommends actions you can take to engage with them in real-time.  The burst of traffic from a social media campaign or piece of content that goes viral typically has a lifespan of just a few days.  It the job of the marketer to identify these groups and speak to them in familiar language, making sure that their encounter with your brand converts into a lasting connection.  

You can use these new segments for: performing in-session personalization, creating campaigns around cultural events, defining tight target audiences for social media campaigns, crafting product catalogs ethnographically aligned with your actual or desired market, targeting locations for in-person events, and a whole lot more.  

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