Data-Driven Marketing


Put your marketing team in the driver’s seat by empowering them to craft targeted, timely experiences for your customers and prospects. Coria has expertise in the following areas:

Website Design

Design a flexible, easy-to-maintain layout that helps guide your visitors through their buying journey.

Email Marketing

Create tailored email marketing campaigns that are relevant to your customers and see which content is most engaging.


Deliver dynamic content to your audience at the right time and in the right context.

Marketing Automation

Use dynamic workflows and engagement plans to intelligently and automatically respond to the signals your visitors are sending you.

Asset Management

Organize, store, and retrieve your omni-channel media, while managing digital rights and permissions.


Optimize your checkout processes by connecting your systems to personalize the experience for your customers, retailers, and distributors.

Testing Optimization

Test multiple ideas and pick the best performer based on real data.


Arm your marketing and sales team with actionable, real-time information.


Offer targeted content to every single visitor, online and in-store.


Find out more about data-driven marketing and how Coria has helped other companies in this area.

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