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Is your team live on an advanced marketing platform like Sitecore, but still not confident on how you should be using it to achieve your marketing strategy? Or, maybe you’re unsure of where to start focusing your attention because you don’t really understand what the system can even do?

Coria offers a series of workshops designed by marketers and technologists for marketers and technologists. Deep dive into all the marketing features Sitecore has to offer, along with real-world examples of when you might want to use them. Learn all about engagement value, goals, events, profiles, profile keys, personas, patterns, personalization, campaigns, marketing taxonomies, analytics, and marketing automation.

When coupled with a Solution Review, learn using specific examples from your own Sitecore setup to help build a roadmap for your marketing strategy that is achievable using the system you have today and figure out what specific technology enhancements you’ll need to achieve your goals for the future.

Use the outputs from these workshops and the knowledge that you've gained to shape and prioritize your marketing and technology efforts together -- outside of your silos. Come away from the workshops with an actionable roadmap that provides step-by-step instructions for the next actions you can take to make use of the data you have available to you today.

Our workshops can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Here is a list of common workshops we offer:


Working with Personas, Profiles and Patterns

Create highly customized journeys for your visitors that guide each individual to the right content at the right time.

understanding personalizations

Understanding Website Personalization

Create new and highly customized user journeys that can be strategized to elicit specific results based on your company’s overall marketing objectives.

analytics and taxonomy

Introducing Data Governance & Marketing Taxonomy

Tag and organize all of your marketing activities using whatever scheme of classification that makes sense for your brand.

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