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Data-Driven Marketing

Put your marketing team in the driver’s seat by empowering them to craft targeted, timely experiences for your customers and prospects. Coria has expertise in the following areas:

Website Design

Website design is an important aspect of your online presence. The right design can make all the difference when someone visits your site. We can help design a layout that makes sense for you and helps lead your visitors through the buying journey.

Content Management

"Content is King", managing your content and providing it in the right context is key in today's society of content consumption. Make sure your team can easily manage, create, and present content to keep up with the changing market.

Asset Management

With today's multi-channel engagement, business' have challenges organizing, storing and retrieving rich media and managing digital rights and permissions. We understand the issues and help with a holistic approach to your asset distribution.

Email Marketing

Create tailored email marketing campaigns that are relevant to your customers and see which content is most engaging. 

Marketing Automation

Use dynamic workflows and engagement plans to put the right content in front of the right visitors at the right time -- every time.


E-commerce solution allows integration with third party ERPs, CRMs, and payment gateways, and a flexible checkout process.  

Testing Optimization

Test multiple ideas and pick the best performer based on real data. The effort with testing is worth the reward when you optimize your conversions and take out the guess work.


Create detailed reports about your website visitors that provide your marketing and sales teams with valuable information to help refine your campaigns and optimize conversions.


Personalizing your website lets you deliver targeted content to your visitors. By creating and setting rules you can determine which content you want to show to different visitors. 

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