Machine Learning

Coria has the embedded systems expertise to deploy inference solutions at the edge of the network where latency, volume of data, or connectivity issues make cloud-based interrogation of data impractical. We have software and hardware engineers specialized in developing Machine Learning solutions on the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) and Jetson edge-inference technology stack.

The NGC Deep Learning Stack is pre-integrated, performance-optimized, and includes all of the leading deep learning frameworks. Coria has core competencies in:

Persona Recognition

Computer Vision

Automated Clustering Analysis

Pattern Recognition

Signal Analysis & Anomaly Detection

Object & Facial Recognition

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What's New


We’re excited to announce our latest a computer vision solution based on the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 that makes it possible to perform real-time facial recognition in brick-and-mortar retail establishments and tie back the visitor’s ecommerce browsing and purchasing history.

Using this technology we’ve developed in-store smart-displays that tailor video ads for specific visitors based on their ecommerce and web browsing history using facial recognition.

We are currently developing a fixed-wing autonomous drone with extended range and flight time capable of recognizing and counting objects on the ground. The drone can be used for search and rescue, tracking refugee population movement and estimating the size of spontaneous settlements, or simpler tasks such as counting the number of cars in shopping mall parking lots. The first round of drones will ship in Q1 2018.