We are a dedicated project team-in-a-box specializing in solving challenging puzzles. But what does that really mean? The Coria team is a multidisciplinary group of individuals who came together with one common goal: to accomplish great things. Our tight-knit, talented group has evolved over many years to include all the parts necessary to solve any enterprise-level problem thrown our way. We are passionate about technology and how it can be used to improve whatever your organization is trying to do. We actually enjoy solving enterprise-level challenges. With so many different skillsets to pull from, we are always coming up with innovative solutions and real-time insight for organizations. Our Team-in-a-box structure isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula, and we adjust and recalibrate as needed to fit the project or situation’s unique requirements. Any given project might call for one or several developers, but having a solution architect and designer available on a moment’s notice to jump in to answer a quick question is something that really helps us excel in the work we do. This adaptable structure has proven very successful with a wide range of business cases. Our team includes all of the following roles:

Solution Architects

Monitoring and developing systems to ensure maximum performance and reliability.


Creating and transforming programs by converting project requirements into code.


Developing mathematical and statistical models to analyze data to prove or disprove theories.


Evaluating systems, products, components and applications by evolving project ideas.

Project Managers

Working to define, prioritize, develop, and evaluate projects and programs while meeting organizational goals.


Creating visual concepts to communicate ideas that inform and captivate customers.

Business Analysts

Analyzing, clarifying and organizing requirements into meaningful, understandable units.

Quality Assurance Specialists

Creating and conducting test scenarios and documentation and communicating results to clients.

Machine Learning Experts

Optimizing product designs and implementations based on collected data.

With such a diverse team, we have all of the pieces needed to solve the most challenging puzzles. From the start we integrate our clients’ teams into our chats and source code control, so there is always full visibility into what we’re doing. We provide clear, thorough documentation and meaningful knowledge transfer throughout the whole process so there is complete transparency. We are equipped to handle whatever puzzles come our way, and we love what we do. You can depend on us for project success every time.

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